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Works of Heart – Valentine’s Day Edition

Updated: Mar 18

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I started researching some fun, quick crafts that both you and your toddler could enjoy. Pinterest is definitely my go-to when it comes to kids crafts and it didn’t disappoint – we now have some cute artwork that we’ll be sharing with family. While my twins slept (of course), it was a great opportunity to set up our crafts table and get our hands dirty - literally.

On a side note, the Dollar Tree and Walmart have a great selection of items that you could purchase for crafting but you can use just about anything you have at home too! I’ve saved my milk and egg cartons, paper towel rolls, and even old newspapers. Kids get really imaginative with things lying around the house, I’m pretty sure you’ve seen them have more fun with bubble wrap and cardboard boxes than their actual toys. To help me organize and keep these items in one location, I bought a portable three drawer shelf from Walmart – great space saver and it holds A LOT of items! How do you organize the chaos?

Now back to Valentine’s Day crafts…

I love letting my daughter get creative with anything from paint and markers to gluing pom-poms and using pipe cleaners. Something simple but sweet, we created a ‘Love Bug’. All we needed was construction paper, safety scissors, glue, googly eyes and a marker. We started by folding the construction paper in half and drawing half of a heart along the folded edge.

We then cut out each heart shape (great practice using safety scissors for your toddler) and then laying it out on another piece of construction paper in the shape of a caterpillar. I let her glue the hearts and eyes on and then proceeded to draw a face and its legs. Once the caterpillar was complete we let it dry so that she could write a Valentine’s Day message and sign her name.

Another quick craft was applying red paint to both the inside palms of her hands and positioning it on the construction paper to form a heart. We let this dry and wrote a Valentine’s message around her hands.

While her hands were already smeared with paint, we decided to apply more to create a ‘Bouquet of Love’ – another awesome personalized Valentine’s Day ‘card’ (I’m pretty sure these are refrigerator worthy once you gift these to the Grandparents).

I found these to be quick and easy and a great way for your toddler to be engaged and enjoy a little hands on time. It definitely helps your child get creative and use their imagination when creating works of love for family and friends!

Hope you and the kids enjoy these crafts, mine sure did!


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