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Valentine's Day Gift Giving Guide for Him and Her

With the day of love quickly approaching, finding the perfect gift for that special someone can be a daunting task. You want to find something that fits their personality and also says "I Love You" at the same time. Well, we got you covered! We have compiled a list of some gift ideas that are sure to please. Whether it's a gift for him or her or for both of you to enjoy, there is a little something for everyone. Take a look below and let your imagination run wild!

For Him

Tickets to a Sporting Event

Is he super into sports or always has to watch the games while they're on? Getting him a pair of tickets to see a game live could be the perfect gift idea. Watching a game live is a great source of entertainment because it's fun to be in the game atmosphere, surrounded by screaming fans, a variety of fast food options and the company of yourself or great friends.

Craft Beer/Beer Tasting

Beer or Craft Beer tasting is another great option and gift idea. This type of gift provides a unique experience and provides an opportunity to try out some local beers made by smaller breweries. When attending these tastings, you will learn some history about beer and learn to taste beer like a pro. This activity can be completed as a couple or with friends. In this case, the more the merrier!

Watch and Watch Holder Case

Does he need a new watch to add to his professional look or somewhere to place the watch(es) he already has? This gift can add elegance to any man's wardrobe. For the watch, you can choose from several different features that exist in various watch styles and cater to his needs. For the case, you can also choose a style that will suit for personality, for example, getting a wood or leather case. This is also a gift that can be personalized by getting either the watch or case engraved or both.

Wallet/Money Clip

Here is another great gift that can be personalized! The options are endless, in terms of style, colour and sizing. Find something that matches his personality and add that special touch by adding a message specially for him. He will love it and have it with him everywhere he goes!

Gift Cards

A gift card is a great option for that special someone who may be hard to buy for. Although it may seem a bit impersonal, a gift card allows him to visit his favourite store and purchase what he likes on his own. It gives him more opportunities to find what he likes or purchase what he needs for himself. With this gift, I am sure you won't disappoint!

Tickets to a Concert

A concert is another great gift option. Has he been talking about a band or artist that he's been dying to see? Well, this may be the perfect gift for you. You can purchase tickets ahead of time and plan ahead to get a date that works for you, based on the concert schedule. You can do this as a couple, with friends or make it a night out for the boys.

Tickets to a Comedy Show

Going to see a comedy show can be quite entertaining. Another experience gift that can be filled with great food, drinks and that deep belly-type laughter. You can visit your local comedy club or purchase tickets to see that top celebrity comedian that he's always wanted to see! If you're looking to see that celebrity comedian, plan ahead and find the dates that work for you and when that comedian will be in your local area. You can even make it a little getaway and visit an area just outside your local area if shows are not available in your town or city.

For Her

Spa Package/Massage

Relaxation! Relaxation! Relaxation! Just what every woman needs and wants. A spa package and/or massage can be the perfect gift to help the special lady in your life de-stress, refocus her mind and contribute to her overall wellness. When purchasing this gift, look for a reputable spa in your area that has a zen-like atmosphere and purchase away! Your best bet is to purchase a gift card from this spa and allow your loved one to book an appointment for this service at a time that is convenient to them. Most appointments need to be booked in advance and can range from 15 minute to half an hour intervals.

Manicure/Pedicure Combo

Pamper her! She will love it! Getting her nails done will give her that little pep in her step and make her feel comfortable to wear those open-toed heels she's been putting off wearing. A mani/pedi combo will allow her to treat herself for a special event or just because she can. For this gift, you will want to find a clean and reputable nail salon and potentially book an appointment, if they allow you to, so she doesn't have to wait too long to receive the service.


Every girl's best friend! Jewellery can be the perfect gift for that special lady in your life. This is a gift that has several different options to choose from, including style, colour and design, and may provide you with the option to personalize it. Is there a piece she has been eyeing for awhile but hasn't purchased it for herself yet? This may be the option for you!

Gift Cards

A gift card is a great option here for that special someone who may be hard to buy for. Does she have a favourite store that she loves to visit? Are you stumped on her style, size or colour preference? A gift card may be the route you choose to take. This is a safe option that will give her the option to purchase what she likes for herself and spend the money over a longer period of time, if she chooses.

Tickets to a Concert/Show

A concert or show is another great option here. Is she into those broadway/theatre shows? Is there a band or artist she loves that is going to be in town? Well, this may be the option for you. This type of gift, most often than not, needs to be purchased ahead of time. You have the ability to pre-plan the night, whether you choose to make it a date night, a night out with friends or a much needed girls night for her. Listen to those hints and clues she may be dropping to help you out.


Ahh! The sweet smell! Perfume is another great gift idea that can accompany those bouquet of flowers you may be thinking to buy. It awakens your senses and is a gift that lasts a long time. If there is a brand she loves or if their is a brand you would love to smell on her, this may be the gift option for you. One thing you may want to be aware of are sensitivities/allergies. If she does not normally wear perfume, this could be a reason why. Some people are sensitive to scents. You also want to consider the strength of the perfume. If you have young children, you may not want to purchase a strong smelling perfume because that could potentially irritate your child/children.

Weekend Getaway

Who doesn't love a romantic getaway where you get to relax and enjoy each other's company? This is a gift that can benefit you both! Pick a location that you both will enjoy, plan ahead and book your accommodations and do some research on places to visit and things to while you are there. Planning a getaway definitely takes some effort but we are sure she will appreciate the effort! Pay attention to the small details and your weekend can be super memorable and worth it!

A lot of these gift ideas are things that can be enjoyed as a couple. With a little bit of planning, creativity and attention to detail, you can find the perfect gift for your loved one. A few additional ideas that can be enjoyed as a couple include:

A Home Cooked Meal Dinner for Two at Your Wine Tasting

Favourite Restaurant

Good Luck with your shopping and planning! We know with our suggestions above, you won't have to try very hard to leave that lasting impression!


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