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Travelling Essentials For Your Little Ones

Travelling with young kids can be hectic and really frustrating whether you're hopping on a plane or taking a road trip. One thing I learned is always be prepared! I started travelling with my eldest daughter as early as 5 months old and my twins were 7 months old when they went on their first plane ride to Toronto. We've also done anywhere from 4 to 9-hour drives when taking long weekend trips. At this point, I would like to say I'm a pro at packing, but sometimes I encounter a missing blanky or binky. So to help keep myself organized I always make a list of the things I need to make our travels easy and efficient - and simply, keep the kids sane (if that's even possible) until we've reached our destination. 

My ultimate goal is to keep the kids happy so over-packing on snacks and remembering their favourite toy or blanky is essential. I feel that once you step foot outside that door and go somewhere that's unfamiliar that's when all the crazy comes out. So making sure they have a piece of home helps ease the transition to an unknown place.  Below are some of the things I try to have on hand in addition to the diaper bag essentials (please note some of these may be used for a road trip and flight or one or the other).

On-the-go snacks

- Water bottles for kids (my kids each have their favorites)

- Having a cooler goes a long way on a road trip, I pack tons of fruit, cheese string, yogurt, veggies, milk, juice and anything else that can fit!

- Crackers or healthy biscuits

- Granola bars

- Cheerios

- Mini muffins

- Croissants

- Apple sauce cups

- Pretzels

- Raisins

- Popcorn


- iPad or Tablet

- Dvd's if your vehicle has a player

- Colouring books and crayons

- Favourite storybooks

- Favourite toys (that aren't too big to lug around)

- Learning activity books

- Flashcards

Travel Essentials

- Antibacterial wipes

- Soft tissue

- Rolls of paper towel and wipes for any yuckiness they may happen on the road

- Extra Pacifiers (if needed)

- Disposable diaper bags (if needed)

- Extra clothes for the kids

- Extra shopping bags for the road (my car is always filled with trash)

- Travel pillows and blankets

No matter how much or little you pack, I hope this helps you plan your next family vacation. Happy and safe travels!


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