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Tackling Stress Head On

Stress can be triggered by an event or thought and can cause anything from severe headaches, acne, chronic pain to even a change in appetite. It's this feeling of physical and emotional tension when your body reacts to some sort of challenge. When you're juggling several things at once or trying to meet a deadline, stress can take a toll on you in a flash, but how do you deal with it? I had to research ways that helped me ease my mind and body because time is something I don't have when my little ones depend on me.

Here are some ways to help you naturally de-stress:

1. Taking slow deep breaths

2. Limiting your Internet and Cell phone usage

3. Eating healthy, well balanced meals

4. Exercise or going for a quick walk

5. Going for a massage

6. Taking a warm bath

7. Listening to calming music

8. Meditate

9. Doing some yoga or quick stretches

10. Talking to a friend

11. Keep a positive attitude

12. Accept that there are things you cannot control

13. Cleaning or organizing the clutter

14. Simply say no to things, there is only one of you

Managing a busy household can be so daunting but from time to time, I need to de-stress and reset myself, so that I can function to the best of my ability. How do you tackle stress?

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