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Quick Guide to Having Fun Outdoors

The weather we have been waiting for is finally here and we're all dying to be outside enjoying it! Being outside, taking in that necessary vitamin D and being in the vastness of the outdoors is so good for the soul. If you plan to be outside for long periods of time, especially with the kids, check out some of our tips to have safe and worry-free fun!

1. Plan where you are going to be playing

It may seem unnecessary, but sometimes it takes a little planning. Are you going to be outside of your home? (Where you have access to everything you need) Are you going for a bike ride? Are you going to the park? If you are going anywhere than outside of your house, you will need additional items with you.

2. Dress Appropriately

Dress for the weather. If it is a little on the cooler side, you may want to have your child wear a light jacket or pack one just in case. If it is super hot, dress your child in light, breathable clothing. You want to avoid overheating, especially if they will be running around. Overheating can also irritate the skin and cause things like heat rash.

3. Apply Sunscreen

Again, probably seems like a no brainer, but you can imagine how many people do not do this step. Most people assume that it's not hot enough, it's cloudy, so they do not need sunscreen - WRONG! Even if it is cloudy, you can still be burnt by the sun. A child's skin is even more sensitive than an adult's, so please make sure you take this step and protect their precious skins.

4. Bring Water and Snacks

If you have decided to venture out from your home, pack accordingly. Make sure to have enough water and snacks to keep your child hydrated and full. It's so important to be prepared but this will help to keep them healthy and playing well outdoors. Staying hydrated will keep them active, not overheating and help keep their bodies cool. Snacks will also help to keep their energy up while running around.

5. Be prepared for Injuries

Things happen, so why not be prepared for it. If you are venturing out, it's always a good idea to have a small first aid kit on hand. Make sure to update your kit often, especially if you have removed items in the past. It's always a good idea to have some band aids, cleaning swabs and polysporin or something of that nature.

6. Teach Safety

Teaching your child the basic safety tips is also another important step. Getting them familiar with the play equipment and teaching them how to play safely, will minimize injury and allow them to maximize their fun. It may take consistency and repetitiveness, but eventually they will get it.

7. Supervise Play

Another important part of safe fun, is supervision. I cannot tell you how many times I've been to the park and see kids running around, using the equipment incorrectly and not a parent to be found. Watching your child play and interacting with them while they do it, allows your child to gain the confidence they need to play independently. It allows them the confidence to interact with other children socially and gives them direction if they do not quite know how to use something. Use this time to get off social media and be present in the moment.

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