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Play, Wonder and Learn!

Updated: Mar 18

As your child begins their school careers, you want to keep up and build on what they are learning in school. The challenge is finding activities that will be fun, build their skills and have them learning at the same time. Check out some of the activity suggestions we have compiled for you to try! Let us know how it goes and good luck!

Activities To Try With Your Child

  • Create/Transform/Build with open-ended materials like: recycled objects, natural/found materials, playdough, blocks (Lego, wood blocks, Magnatiles, straws, connectors, Jenga blocks, 3D shape blocks etc.)

  • Role-playing games involving dolls, costumes, kitchen items etc.

  • Simple experiments so children can ask questions, hypothesize, research, observe, conclude and communicate findings

  • Design structures using a variety of materials

  • Draw plans to build/create something as a family

  • Share "Wonder" statements (e.g., "I Wonder About...") and conduct research at the library, using online resources and/or through hands-on investigations

  • Go on nature walks, explore the community and share observations

  • Read stories that involve problem-solving situations

  • Engage with peers his/her own age to develop their problem-solving skills in social settings

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