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Father's Day Gift Ideas

We are officially one week away from Father's Day! If you still need some ideas on what to get dad, check out some of our ideas to help get you started!

Foot Massager

This would be the perfect gift for anyone really but after Dad's had a long day, why not complete the day with a foot massage for those achy feet. I'm sure dad will love this one. These are available both in store and online and have a wide variety to choose from.

Beard Trimmer

This is a perfect gift for a dad who likes to manage his beard and keep his facial hair all clean. There are so many varieties of trimmers out there. This particular one has a vacuum feature that keeps the mess to a minimum. This is another one that is sure to be a winner.

Smart Home Device

This gift is perfect for the dad who loves his techy gadgets. Again, there are a few different devices out there that you can choose based on what features you're looking for. Not only will dad get to enjoy this one, but the whole family will as well. This is a win-win for everyone.


Does dad have a pair of shoes he's been eyeing? This is the perfect opportunity to get them for him, especially if he won't buy them himself. Find out what style he likes, his colour preference and his size and you're good to go! If you don't have a lot of time, going into a store is your best option, otherwise, online shopping is an option as well.

Beer of the Month

Does dad enjoy a nice cold beverage every now and then? Well, why not surprise him every month with a different brew to try? There are various services/clubs that offer a beer of the month program that allows you to try a new beer. This is perfect for the dad that enjoys trying new things.

Coffee Maker

Another excellent gift choice for a dad who enjoys his coffee in the morning. Instead of having to leave early, join the Starbucks line and wait for his brew, he can now make in the comfort of his own home. There are so many different options to choose from, that allow you to pick what feature you're looking for. They range in price and can be purchased both online and in store.

Smart Watch

With fitness at the top of mind for so many people, this is a great gift. If dad doesn't have the time to get to the gym or wants to track his activity and so many additional things, this would be perfect. Again, there are so many companies that create these and have different features available. Do your research, find the features you think dad would love to have and go for it!

Experience Gifts

Experience gift are places and things dad can participate in to enjoy the experience. They create memories and allow dad to complete activities he may have always wanted to do! These are great gift options as well because sometimes they mean more to dad than a material item. Do your research and plan ahead for this one. Some of the experiences you may want to complete, may require you to book in advance.


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