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Delicious Eats from the Caribbean

Caribbean food, especially Guyanese food is near and dear to our hearts. It's packed with so much flavour, spice and everything nice! In honour of Toronto's Caribana Parade, which celebrates the vibrant culture and music from the Caribbean, we have compiled a few goodies for you to try. Let us know what you think of these recipes.

Jerk Chicken Meatballs + Pineapple Glaze

Photo Credit: Alicia's Pepperpot


1 lb ground chicken or turkey

1 1/4 tbsp hot jerk seasoning paste (not marinade)

2 stems scallions, finely sliced

3-4 sprigs thyme leaves

2 tbsp pimento peppers (optional)

3 garlic cloves, finely chopped

2 tbsp green seasoning

1 tsp fresh ginger, grated

1/4 tsp adobo or all purpose seasoning

1 tsp worcestershire sauce

1/2 tsp browning sauce (optional)

1 egg, beaten

1/3 cup plain unseasoned breadcrumbs

Juice of 1 lemon

For cooking

1/4 cup avocado or other neutral oil (if frying)

Oil spray (if baking)


Pineapple or mango preserves, for glaze (optional)


1. In large bowl, mix together all ingredients. Shape mixture into 12-15 (1-1 1/2-inch) meatballs. Place on dish lined with foil. Refrigerate about 30 minutes.

2. If baking meatballs: Line 13x9-inch pan with foil; spray with cooking spray. Place 1 inch apart in pan. Spray each meatball with oil spray. Bake uncovered at 375 degrees F for 20-24 minutes or until temperature reaches 160 degrees internally. Meatballs should be browned.

3. If shallow frying: Heat oil in pan, fry meatballs in batches cooking 5-6 min per batch. Drain on paper towels.

4. Place meatballs in glass dish, after removing from oven or stovetop. Brush pineapple/mango preserves on each meatballs. Serve warm.

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Guyanese-style Fried Rice


1 3/4 cup extra-long grain white rice

1 cup diced carrots

1 cup chopped bora beans (Chinese long beans)

1 cup shredded cabbage

¼ cup yellow onion, finely diced

2 cloves garlic, crushed

3-4 scallion sprigs, finely sliced

1 tsp mushroom sauce

4 tbsp dark soy sauce

2 tsp oyster sauce

1 tsp freshly grated ginger

½ tsp Chinese five spice

5 tbsp vegetable or canola oil

Salt, as needed

For chicken (can be seasoned hours before or overnight)

2-3lbs cut up chicken breasts or other desired protein

1 tbsp olive oil, for marinade

3 tsp reduced sodium soy sauce

1 tbsp cassareep or browning sauce

2 tbsp green seasoning

dash of salt

1 tbsp olive oil, to cook chicken


1. Cook rice according to package directions. Spread in a long shallow pan. Let cool overnight or for a couple of hours. Rice should be completely cold.

2. Cook chicken and set aside. 

3. Chop and prep all vegetables. Combine mushroom sauce, soy sauce, and oyster sauce in one bowl set aside.

4. In a wok or Kalahari saute onions, garlic, and ginger in 1 tbsp oil until onions are tender, 1-2 minutes. 

5. Add 1 tbsp oil to the pan then add carrots, saute a few minutes.  Push carrots aside, add 3 tbsp oil then add bora and cabbage together. Saute 1-2 minutes. 

6. Add rice a little at a time tossing with vegetables.  Add sauce mixture and Chinese five spice. Fry the rice until completely covered with sauce. 

7. Toss in the chicken and scallions.

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Lamb Curry

Photo Credit: Alicia's Pepperpot


3lbs lamb meat

Pre-season for meat

2 tbsp quick version green seasoning

1/2 tsp garam masala

1/2 tsp geera (roasted cumin)

1 tsp madras curry powder

Curry Paste

2 tbsp quick version green seasoning

2 tbsp garam masala

2 1/2 tbsp madras curry powder

1 heaping tsp tomato paste

3 tbsp water to mix (more if needed)

Remaining Ingredients

3 tbsp canola oil

4-5 curry leaves

1/2 yellow onion, sliced

5-6 cloves

1 small cinnamon stick

Salt to taste (start with 1 1/2 tsp)

Boiling water on reserve in kettle

2 medium potatoes, peeled and quartered


1. Wash and clean meat then chop into 3in chunks. See note below on washing.

2. Season meat with pre-seasoning, let marinate overnight or a few hours.

3. Prep ingredients. Make curry paste, set aside. Gather remaining ingredients, set aside.

4. Heat 3 tbsp oil in karahi or heavy bottom pot. Add curry leaves and fry until fragrant and brown. Add curry paste mixture. Saute mixture until medium brown. Add meat, toss meat with curry paste mixture to coat. Add sliced onion, cloves, cinnamon stick, and salt. Bounjal the meat -Let meat cook in its own liquid until it has evaporated and curry paste has seared onto meat, about 20-25 minutes.

5. Pour boiling water over meat, enough to cover the meat. Let meat boil until tender, adding a little water at a time throughout the process until meat is tender, about 45 minutes or more.

6. Add potatoes once meat is almost tender. Remove curry from heat once potato is cooked. Adjust salt to taste.

**Note: To clean goat and lamb meat: Use a couple of handfuls of flour, 1 tsp salt, juice of 1 lime, and enough water for the meat to soak. Mix the meat with these ingredients and let it sit for 1/2 hr to 45 minutes, then rinse it off piece by piece. Use a knife to pull off any fibrous strands then rinse again and pat dry. This method of “cleaning” the meat is a way to remove any slime, rank smell, or off taste that the meat might have.

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Trinidadian Mango Chow


1 green mango (near to ripe is best)

1/4 teaspoon of salt

dash of black pepper (optional)

1 tablespoon shado beni hot sauce (or 1/4 cup  cilantro or 1/8 cup of shado beni – finely chopped)

2-3 cloves of garlic (depends how much you like garlic)

1 lime or lemon

1-2 habanero peppers (or your favorite hot pepper)

1 shallot (optional)


1. In a bowl, place the salt, sliced pepper, garlic and shallots. For a stronger flavor, instead of slicing the pepper and garlic, crush it with the salt using a pestle.

2. Wash and peel the mango using a pairing knife or potato peeler. Then slice into wedges and place in the bowl. Remember that the mango will have a hard core (seed) so you won’t be able to slice all the way through. Now add the shado beni hot sauce if you have some stored, or add the fresh shado beni / cilantro.

3. Squeeze the lime into the mixture you have in the bowl and toss around using a spoon.

4. Taste for salt at this point and add as necessary. Depending on how tart the mango is, you may require some more salt.

To view the original recipe, click here.

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