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Birthday Party Themes - Kids Edition

I LOVE planning themed parties for my kids and thought I'd share some of the ideas I've done for my kids and what I have planned for them in the coming future. See below for some great party ideas, hope these are an inspiration for you!

Circus or Carnival Theme

This was super fun and very gender neutral. My color scheme was red, blue, yellow and white and my home (indoor and out) was decorated with streamers and balloons. Accompanying the birthday cake, I had popcorn, animal crackers, cotton candy, pretzels and fruit cups as snacks. As entertainment, you have the option of hiring a magician, balloon artist or face painter. Or even bringing a petting zoo at home! Renting a bounce house is also always a hit at our home. 

Safari Theme

A safari themed birthday is full of green, white, gold and brown decor with lots of animals and leaves. This theme is great for every little animal lover. Hiring a professional to come home with a few exotic animals as a show and tell would be something fun and different as entertainment for a kids party. 

Pool Or Splash Party

What kid doesn't like playing in the water? This is super fun if your kids' birthday falls during the summer and there's no rain of course. There are bounce houses that have water slides, you could get a kiddie pool for the tiny tots, water soakers, water balloons and serve popsicles and ice cream to cool off. Throwing a splash party never disappoints just make sure to give parents a heads up on what they would need to bring if their kid(s) are participating in the fun. 

Unicorn-Rainbow-Princess Party

My daughter personally requested this theme and boy did we go all out. Everything was pink, unicorn-themed and full of entertainment. We have a mini bounce house of our own and a huge swing set so kids were already having fun. We also had bubble wands, hired a petting zoo to come home, and had a cupcake decorating table set up inside our home. Everything was fit for a princess down to her complete princess gown and accessories. You could also set up a crafts table to make princess crowns or purchase foam swords for the boys. There are so many options for this theme! Flamingo-Pineapple Themed Party

This tropical themed birthday has become very popular and if executed right, makes you and the kids feel like your away on vacay. The color scheme - different shades of pinks, white, peaches, gold, green leaves or palm trees, coral and aqua or blue. The Dollar tree has a great selection of decor from pineapples, flamingos, blow up palm trees to beautiful paper lanterns. Handing out leighs to all your guests would add to the theme and preparing virgin punches for everyone to enjoy would compliment nicely. 

Under The Sea Themed Party

This theme has lots of blues and sea creatures as decor along with seashells and nets as accents. You can have fun with this one like serving Gold Fish crackers in individual cups or filling a kiddie plastic pool with sand and placing buckets and sand toys in it. I've also seen little wooden boxes at the dollar store that look like treasure chests, you could have kids decorate their own. This could also cross over to be a Mermaid theme if your little one requests.  There are so many themes, most I find can be gender neutral. And there are so many possibilities when it comes to children's entertainment, decor, and food.  Below are some more ideas, hope this guides you in the right direction - happy planning! Sesame Street Theme Favourite Disney or TV Show Character Themed Party Mermaid Party Theme Forest Friends Theme Specific Colour Scheme (this can just be a combination or 3 or 4 colors not necessarily tied to a theme) Outer Space Theme Dinosaur Theme Dr.Seuss Theme


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