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Are You Ready For The First Day of School? -Kindergarten Edition

Your child heading to Kindergarten is a huge step and milestone for them. You want to make sure they feel prepared and you have an idea of how to get them there. One of the first things you will need to know is the hours of your child's day. This includes start and end times, when supervision begins and when it ends. For some additional prep items, check out our list below to get you started and on your way!

1. Appropriate Clothes

In kindergarten, your child is going to be very active, exploring and learning. Your child's clothes should fit comfortably and allow your child to move freely. Clothes should not be your child's best because they will get dirty from time to time. If you live in a country where there is snow, be sure to have warm clothing, such as snow pants, hats, scarves and mittens. Your child will be playing outside in the cold and you want to make sure they're protected from the elements.

2. Nutrition Breaks

During the day, there are set times for your child to have their lunch. A lot of schools have Nutrition Breaks, which means your child has about 20 mins to eat, twice a day. In addition to the Nutrition Breaks, children can eat their snacks whenever they're hungry.

3. Packing a Lunch Bag

When packing your child's lunch bag, you want to consider choosing appropriate foods that provide variety and are cut into small manageable pieces. Food should be healthy (e.g., fruit, vegetables, crackers, cheese, dry cereals, yogourt).

Food should not contain nuts or nut by-products. Many schools are NUT SAFE schools because of the amount of allergies that exist to these items.

Your child should be able to eat their food without a lot of help from an adult. Pack reusable containers and plastic water bottles to make it easier for your child and create less garbage.

Try to avoid sending things such as koolaid jammers, pop or glass bottles.

4. Backpacks

Your child will need a backpack to carry mailbags, notes, artwork, books and lunches, to and from school. It should be large enough to hold a regular size binder. Please print your child's first and last name on the inside of their backpack. You may want to do this for all of their other items as well.

5. Indoor Shoes

Your child will need a par of shoes that will remain at school for the year. Shoes that fit comfortably, have VELCRO straps and have non-marking soles, would be the best. Children should be able to put their shoes on without an adult's help.

6. Extra Clothes

There are times when extra clothes might be necessary. You will want to send an extra set of clothes that consist of: underwear, 2 pairs of socks, pants and a shirt. Place these items in a ziploc bag, with your child's first and last name clearly printed on the front.

7. Forms

Throughout the year, especially right at the beginning, your child's school will send home a series of forms that need to be filled out. These forms consist of permission forms, signups for programs, parent questionnaire forms and other important items. You should organize these forms and have them filled out and sent back to school as soon as possible. This will help things stay organized and keep you from falling behind.

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